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Since 1982,INSIGHT, the private brand of Shenzhen Chenri Precision,Inc.,has been committed to introduce high precision & high effection system into the manufacturing industry.

We produce a wide range of carbide turning tools, carbide end mills, carbide drills and cutting tools, covering most metal cutting applications.We are also an operated manufacturer of premium-quality collets, bushings,and more clamping tools for Japan lathes, Swiss-turning centers, and more.

In 1982, the founder of Chenri Precision established a foundry in Changhua County, Taiwan, mainly to provide foundry work for European clamping systems.At the beginning of 2000, INSIGHT team began to dedicate to self-developed and manufacture of precision systems includes cutting tools and clamping tools and achieved certain achievements.

Demand exceeds the capacity of the China production facility. In order to meet the demand and to take advantage of lower manufacturing costs,Shenzhen Operation centers was set up.At the mean time,the plants,sales offices, warehouses were founded and distributed in Guangdong,Jiangshu during 2008-2012.

INSIGHT tools goes international with immediate success in Russia,UK, Thailand,Malaysia, Australia, USA, France, Korea, Poland and so on,Market penetration greatly increased with the appointment of strategically located salesrepresentatives and worldwide distribution.INSIGHT tools increasingly becomes a trademark with the now internationally recognized company logo.

For now and future, substantial plants of INSIGHT is going to continuously expansion modern facility manufacturing capacity housing the latest and state of the art tool making equipment and a staff of employees,and form a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship with a substantial of powerful suppliers,dedicated to excellence in quality and performance products and reduce your manufact costs at the mean time.
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